Crap! Crap everywhere!


Inspired by a post by fellow blogger Renee of, I am taking inventory of my crap.  I have so much crap!

  • Crap in boxes that I’ve been dragging around with me from apartment to apartment.
  • Non-sentimental crap.
  • Clothing crap. Jeans that I can’t get halfway up my leg.  Tank tops from the 90’s.  Stacy and Clinton… HELP ME.
  • Art supply crap that I haven’t used in three years.
  • Crap from when I tried to be a YouTuber
  • Childhood crap that my parents convinced me I should save for when I get a house (OMG ME IN A HOUSE?  It would just be a bigger place for me to put MORE crap)!
  • School crap – notes and textbooks I haven’t touched in a decade
  • Decorative crap on shelves
  • Crap in boxes that I can’t even identify.

I would really like to use the extra rooms in my apartment for what I intended to use them for – an art and music studio, a study space, and a spare bedroom.

Time to get rid of some crap!!!!

I’ll do a before & after photo, so check back.  Check out Renee’s posts on minimalism to see what she is doing with her crap!


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