Have Fun the Broke Way

This post will be a little different from the posts I normally share.  Usually I’ll be sharing money saving ideas, budget tips, and stuff I’ve learned in my 20’s about saving money.

Today I’m just sharing some photos.  That’s pretty much it!  When you don’t want to dip into that “fun” envelope, or that “blow” envelope – whichever you use to save money for having fun – you can always come up with something to do that break your budget.

My favorite thing?  Photography.  Pick an event, go to a fun neighborhood, get together with a friend and take portraits, or just mess around and have some fun.  We just had a huge snowstorm (a commonplace occurrence here in upstate NY), so I decided to take some photographs of the frozen wonderland that is my neighborhood.  The best part is… it’s free!  If you catch my drift…

So, go out and take some photos of your own, post them to your blog, and leave me a comment and share.  We can all encourage each other to live within our means – and have fun the creative way!


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